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JFY’s first METALEX 2017, the largest machine tool and metal working event in ASEAN.

From "Wuhan International Machine Tool Show" live report
June 2015 the company participated in Wuhan's "2015 Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition", this exhibition, I continue to show a mounted disc TRUMPF 3000W laser generator TFC3015 disc laser cutting machine. This model for the company jointly developed with TRUMPF production, higher cutting speed and thickness, and can be cut anti-material brass copper contour.

Exhibitor machine to another one single electric servo MT300 CNC turret punch press, its high-speed stamping effect attracted a large number of customers, and a customer at the site signed a purchase contract for this prototype.

The radius of the booth was the laser disc attract customers

TRUMPF exhibition site TruDisk 3001 disc laser generator

Booth attracted electro servo CNC turret punch Customer