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JFY’s first METALEX 2017, the largest machine tool and metal working event in ASEAN.

Congratulations, "Jiangsu Jinfangyuan Hangzhou customer appreciation and New Products Promotion
July 4th, I invite users to participate in Hangzhou Hangzhou Hilton Hotel organized "Jiangsu Jinfangyuan Hangzhou customer appreciation and New Products Promotion"

Site customers to achieve more than a hundred participants, a total of two hundred people, fully embodies the Jinfangyuan in Hangzhou broad market advantage.

 At the meeting, first of all ask the customer to watch the radius of recently introduced products: carrying TRUMPF lasers TFC original disc laser cutting machine, which can be easily feeding the AFM punch automatic feeding systems, customized punch laser composite flexible production line .

Automatic feeding system and turret punch press with supporting the use of my company, which purchased the upgrade as automated punching customers' products, the product greatly reduces the labor intensity, and the whole feeding action just 18 seconds to complete.

Another product is the radius of the punch in accordance with customized laser composite flexible production line, the biggest feature of this product line is a combination punch and laser, laser cutting instead of punching a punch hole, then instead of using a laser trimming step punch punching edge Both complement each other to reduce processing costs, improve productivity, and the two machines can also be used alone.

After watching the video, I came to Hangzhou, a client organization's customers visit factory, the factory has a radius of more than one product, including CNC punch, bending machines, shears and laser cutting machines, customers very interested in watching a few machine tools, high-speed machining effect on TFC processing results also expressed approval.

After the meeting, I am in the Hilton Hangzhou entertained all the new and old customers, thank you for the years of support Jinfangyuan, Jinfangyuan will continue to forge ahead, to the best attitude for our customers.

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