CNC Punching HVT

HVT Series Specification

Specification Unit HVT-300
Punch Force t 30
Max. Processing Size(with One Reposition) mm 1250×2500 1250×5000
Feeding Speed m/min X:80  Y:60 X:80  Y:60
No. of Station no. 32 32
No. of Auto-index no. 2 2
No. of Controlling Axis no. 4 4
Processing Thickness mm 6.35 6.35
Max. Nibbling Speed hpm 1650 1650
Max. Punch Hit hpm 600 600
Punch Hit At 25mm Pace hpm X:450 Y:350 X:400 Y:280
Max. punch Diameter Per Time mm Φ88.9 Φ88.9
Main Motor Power KW 11 11
Hole Accuracy mm ±0.10 ±0.10
Turret Rotate rpm 30 30
Outline Dimension mm 5020×2680×2340 5020×5000×2340
Machine Structure   Streamline O-Type Streamline O-Type

Note:All of models mentioned above can be designed into the table with 4000mmm.