CNC Shearing BLVR

 DAC360/DAC350/DAC362S system precisely controls backguage , shearing strokes ,cutting angle and clearance between the upper and lower blades.
 The ram stroke can be adjusted automatically to realize fast and accurate shearing of short workpieces and improve productuvuty
 The high speed and large storke backguage is driven by linear guideway and ballscrew and the speed is up to 250mm/s and the stroke is up to 1000mm.
 The system can automatically adjust the clearance between upper and lower blades for different material of different thickness to improve shearing quality.
Unit 6×3000 6×4000
Thickness mm 0.5-6 0.5-6
Width mm 3070 4070
Storkes hpm 22-35 16-34
Front Feeding Stroke mm 2500 2500
Speed mm/s 100 100
Precision mm ±0.1/300 ±0.1/300
Cutting Angle 0.5°- 2° 0.5°- 2°
Clamping Jacks pcs 14 18
Tank Capacity L 230 230
Weight Kg 11000 15850