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    Reports from "CIMT Beijing International Machine Tool Exhibition" in

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    In April 2015, our company participated in Beijing organized by the "14th China International Machine Tool Show" (CIMT2015). The exhibition, I recommend the four new heavy equipment --AFM-1250 automatic feeding systems. This feeding system with our CNC turret punch press with any use, do not need to make changes in the original machine, truly modular installation, and feeding speed, greatly improving the efficiency and reduce the amount of manual labor. Live demonstration attracted a large number of customers to visit.

    And this exhibition we also launched featuring three kilowatts TruDisk3001 TRUMPF disk lasers of TFC laser cutting machine, this three kilowatts of laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel thickness of 24mm, and can cut brass, copper, high anti-material.

    In addition, also exhibited a hybrid bender HPE and HVR-speed cutting, this series machines use hydraulic part of the motor servo motor as the drive to improve the machine speed, and more energy efficient.

    Show site customer

    Punch automatic feeding system to attract a large number of customers visiting

    Equipped with three kilowatts TRUMPF laser disc laser cutting machine TFC3015

     Live show HVR-speed shears

    Live show HPE hybrid bender

    The exhibition of four new products